Holy Family Nursing & Midwifery Training College administration is responsible for the strategic vision for the School.

Programmes Offered

Our dedicated and competent administrative staff helps to the day to day running of the college. Serving diverse but coordinated roles, our administrative staffs have been instrumental in the College’s achievements.
HFNMTC Kenten – Techiman keeps her administrative staff profiles updated regularly so you can reach out to any of our staff for help, guidelines and information. Below are administrative staffs.

1. Registered General Nursing (RGN)
– Three-Year Diploma
– Both males and females

2. Registered Midwifery (RM)
– Three-Year Diploma
– Females Only

3. Post NAC/NAP Midwifery (PNNM)
– Two-Year Midwifery Programme
– Nurse Assistant Clinicians, and Nurse Assistants Preventive cadres only.

Through the complementary efforts of Holy family nursing and midwifery training college , the administrative boards perform the essential roles ordinarily associated with a board of trustees, while helping to shape the college’s agenda, inquiring into the quality and progress of its activities, and assuring that Holy family nursing & midwifery training college Techiman remains true to its mission.

Administrative Staff

Ackah Rita Magdalene

Ackah Rita Magdalene

Senior Administrator

Boadu-Abrafi Selina

Boadu-Abrafi Selina

Senior Accountant
Eric Gbengbee

Eric Gbengbee

Rexford Agyare Mintah

Rexford Agyare Mintah

Alex Adjei

Alex Adjei

Deputy Chief Accountant
Kamdatam Alice

Kamdatam Alice

Senior Receptionist

Boatemaa Grace

Boatemaa Grace

Executive Officer

Holy Family Nursing & Midwifery Training College reach is both local and international. It partners with its hometown of Techiman to strengthen the city’s community with nursing training. And it engages with people and institutions across the globe in the quest to promote cultural understanding, improve the human condition, delve more deeply into the secrets of the universe, and train the next generation of world leaders.

The Management Body


1. Disciplinary Committee

a. Justin Tuobenyiere
b. Evelyn Yeboah
c. Rita Magdalene Ackah
d. Zeenat Mohammed
e. Collins Okyere

2. Transport Committee

a. Alex Adjei
b. Emelia Nketia
c. Pamphilio Berewone
d. Irene Kakie Catheyson
e. Driver(s)
f. Abdul-Mumin Gafar


3. Welfare Committee

a. Principal
b. Priscilla Haakayelle
c. Rev. Fr. Anthony Kofi Worae (Chaplain)
d. Juliet Anggo
e. Justin Tuobenyiere
f. Adomako Kwaku Manu

4. Examinations Committee

a. Principal
b. Christopher Seg-ib
c. Priscilla Haakayelle
d. Doris Asamoah
e. Justin Tuobenyiere
f. Emelia Nketia
g. Evelyn Yeboah
h. Librarian

5. Library & Computer Lab Committee

a. ICT Officer
b. Librarian
c. Deo-Gracious Puoza
d. Selina Abrafi-Boadu
e. Rita Serwaa Murphy
f. Adusah Fredrick

6. Skills Lab Committee

a. Emelia Nketia
b. Martina Mouviel
c. Irene Kakie Catheyson
d. Rita Serwaa Murphy
e. Adusah Fredrick

7. Quality Improvement

a. Principal
b. Christopher Seg-ib
c. Evelyn Yeboah
d. Samuel Kwesi Ofasi
e. ICT Officer

8. Planned Preventive Maintenance Committee

a. Seth Edem Abiti
b. Mary Fakyewaa
c. Lorlanyo Frederick
d. Adomako K. Manu

9. Dining Hall & Food Committee

a. Juliet Anggo
b. Priscilla Haakayelle
c. Emelia Nketia
d. Rejoice Murphy
e. Selina Abrafi-Boadu
f. Pamphilio Berewone
g. Abokumah Frederick
h. Ofori Emmanuella

10. Accommodation & Environment Committee

a. Emelia Nketia
b. Evelyn Yeboah
c. Seth Abiti Edem
d. Justin Tuobenyiere
e. Ampong Reindorf
f. Amobea Grace

11. Sacristy Committee

a. Chaplain
b. Zeenat Mohammed
c. Justin Tuobenyiere
d. Mary Fakyewaa
e. Augustine Bening
f. Eric Oduro
g. Arthur Daniel Boateng
h. Donbeinaa Irene Mwinkum

12. Sports & Entertainment Committee

a. Augustine Bening
b. Doris Asamoah
c. Samuel Kwesi Ofasi
d. Alice Kandatam
e. Appiah Emmanuel Aduko
f. Boateng Emmanuella Agyemang

13. Research and Publications Committee

a. Principal
b. Christopher Seg-ib
c. Justin Tuobenyiere
d. Deo-Gracious Puoza
e. Doris Asamoah
f. Rev. Fr Anthony Worae

14. Health Committee

a. Priscilla Haakayelle
b. Joanna Maame Serwaa Manu
c. Rachael Adoma Aku
d. Emelia Nketia
e. Evelyn Yeboah
f. Driver(s)
g. Nyarko Linda

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